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I just watched the episode and I wanted to thank the both of you for the advice and the respectful way you presented it. 


To clarify, in the State of Ohio a township board of trustees who are the governing body of the township appoints all department heads. This includes the fire chief, the police chief, head of the road department, head of the zoning department, etc.. The only time that changes is if the township chooses to contract with a private fire department (which can still be volunteer) in which case the department members elects their chief's. In my area, there are very few private fire companies left.


And I should have added that the reason I consider myself a middle guy in my department is because my Chief has 45 years in, and both my Assistant Chief's have around 35 years in each as well as my one Captain. The Chief and one Assistant Chief still fight fire. We definitely have a different dynamic. I must say that I didn't realize how different until I heard someone else say it.


You hit it perfectly in the mutual aid episode on size up. Major point in knowing your district. Honestly feel volunteers can have the upper hand on that since most of us grew up in the area and you live in it so you are always driving around it, and have probably been in most types of houses in the area.
Now working inner city i depend a lot more on reading material and hoping the layouts of the Brownstones and Tenement is what it is suppose to be since i only drive around the neighborhood the times i am working.


Hello just wanted to reach out. Just finished listening to your latest podcast about expectations. I’m the Senior Captain in my fire company and often wonder the same things. I’m currently in the dealings with members who aren’t motivated but hold officers positions. I think your podcasts are fantastic I’ve listened to everyone. They are great advice for both myself and to pass on to other.


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