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About Me:


My name is Brian and I am the father of two amazing children and two rescue dogs.  I am sales manager at a plumbing and heating wholesaler as well as a 30+ year veteran of the volunteer fire service, a New York State Fire Instructor and a New York State Emergency Medical Technician. 


I have always been a very active individual and considered myself to be in “good shape”.  I’ve always been blessed with great metabolism and have never really been concerned about what I ate, when I ate it and never really exercised regularly. 


A few years ago I had a couple “wake up” calls that forced me to take a look at my own health and fitness.


The first was a back injury that knocked me off my feet for a few weeks. After several doctor’s visits, lots of different medications and physical therapy I was finally given steroid shots in my spine which got me back on my feet.


The second was the day my father experienced a heart attack.  My fathers exercise regimen was always better than mine.  He was a runner, liked to exercise, played basketball and never a smoker or a drinker.  Everyone was shocked that someone so “fit” could experience a heart attack.


These two events forced me to realize that something needed to change.  If you were to look at me, you would say, “he’s in shape”, but there’s a difference between being fit and healthy and just being blessed with good metabolism.


Enter Beachbody!  Yep, those at-home fitness programs, famous for their infomercials.  I had tried "Insanity" in the past but could not commit to the daily time commitment. A friend turned me on to Focus T25 and I haven't looked back since. That back injury that knocked me down is still there, but overall I feel stronger and haven't had any of the problems that I had prior to starting a regular exercise regimen.


I found myself sharing my fitness journey on social media and discussing the lack of fitness in the volunteer fire service.  Year after year, many firefighters die in the line of duty due to cardiac related incidents that  are contributed to stress and overexertion.  My goal was to make other firefighters aware and inspire them to make a change in their health and fitness.

In 2019, I put my health and fitness to the ultimate test when I needed to have open heart surgery to repair my mitral valve.  I had been monitoring this valve for years with the help of my cardiologist and it was time to have it repaired.  Thanks to my healthy lifestyle I was back to work in two weeks and exercising again with in four weeks (with restrictions).  I firmly believe that my commitment to fitness is what helped me to bounce back so quickly from such a major surgery.

In 2020, the "Professional Volunteer" podcast was launched.  As host of the show and creator of its various social media platforms, my goal is to promote professionalism, along with health and wellness in the volunteer fire service.  I have been blessed with some great mentors over the years.  All of them instilled in me the principles of hard work and dedication to the art of firefighting and that it doesn't matter if you are career or volunteer!  People are depending on your ability to do the job and conduct yourself like a professional. 

In August of 2020, the Professional Volunteer transitioned to the "Professional Brotherhood" due to an unforeseen conflict with another firefighter sharing a similar message by the same name.

The Professional Brotherhood is dedicated to the men and women of the volunteer fire service that understand that a paycheck does not make you a professional.  How you approach the job does!


All the best,



Host / Creator, "The Professional Brotherhood"

Co-Creator, "Setting Our Volunteers Up For Success"

Volunteer Firefighter

Chief of Department, Rock Hill Fire Department 2018 - 2020

Chief of Department, Monticello Fire Department 2001 - 2002

New York State Fire Instructor

New York State Emergency Medical Technician

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