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About Me:

Brian Soller has been an active volunteer firefighter for the last 30+ years.  He currently serves as chief of the Rock Hill Fire Department and for the past 20 years has been a New York state fire instructor assigned to Sullivan County, NY.  Soller also served as chief of the Rock Hill Fire Department from 2018 - 2020 and chief of the Monticello Fire Department from 2001-2002.

Soller has also been a New York State emergency medical technician for the last 25+ years. 

He speaks extensively on the promotion of professionalism in the volunteer fire service through his podcast and YouTube channel.


As a younger man, at his first real job, Brian Soller was surrounded by volunteers from fire departments across Sullivan County. His place of employment, a local plumbing supply wholesaler, is a staunch supporter of the fire service, and if someone’s pager went off during the work day, they were encouraged to respond.


So off they’d rush, just putting in a regular day at work one minute, then fighting fires and saving lives the next. 


Soller was transfixed and he was inspired, and he knew he needed to join them.


That was 1990, and since then Soller has served as chief of his department and a mentor to many, working to instill professionalism across the volunteer ranks despite the absence of a paycheck. He gives the same advice to every probie and experienced firefighter he encounters:


“Keep an open mind, a positive attitude, and be a sponge,” says Soller. “Absorb as much as you can.”

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